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about Bermudagrass....Bill Monroe listened to the old time fiddle playing of his Uncle Pen, and liked to listen to the old Black Blues players around him when he was a kid. He decided when he started his career as a musician to mix these two roots, add a little Gospel and give his personal genre a new name, Bluegrass. 
Among the many genres I enjoy playing on a variety of instruments I love playing Bluegrass. I was studying jazz, living in Santa Cruz CA when I first became interested in Tropical styles of music like Reggae, Ska, Rock Steady. This eventually lead me down to the Caribbean, where I found in the Leeward Islands a wide variety of other styles: Calypso, Soca, Skiffle, Zouk, Mazouka, Beguine. With Bermudagrass I've attempted to combine all of these musical influences into my own genre.
Hope you enjoy the mix! 9/14/15

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